Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Diamond in the Rough

They call it Spring cleaning, a time for people to clean the clutter out of their lives. My clutter has become unavoidable and it simply can't wait for the tulips to bud. This is day one of AHA! Moments for me. Today's AHA! moment occurred at 11:56 a.m. when I realized one of my favourite items had transitioned from temporarily misplaced to just lost. Forty five minutes later and I have come out of the rubble and found my AHA! moment. Order comes from within. It comes from within you, from your surroundings and from your relationships. If somehow the balance is disrupted, trust me when I say you will not find peace of mind.

So to avoid finding yourself in this type of mess, no pun intended, I found 10 tips for a Closet Cleanse, Apartment Therapy Re-Nest. I found my AHA! Moment in tip #9 that encourages moving forward and connecting with yourself outside of your clothes. It is somewhere between my pirate shirt and my yoga pants that I found my long lost skirt. I placed it on the priority shelf and feel accomplished as I close off my day.

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